hi all,

i m using following procedure  to create poisson traffic. i want to compute
probability of a packet arrive per unit time. but i dont know which
parameter lambda and how can i compute PMF and CDF of this poisson
Does someone help me??



My tcl script;

.I m calling poisson traffic procedure with this line ;

eval $val(traffic)traffic 25 0 0.2 $appTime2 ; this means node 25
start sending packet at appTime2 with 0.2 interval.
And the procedure;

proc poissontraffic { src dst interval starttime } {

global ns_ node_

set udp($src) [new Agent/UDP]

eval $ns_ attach-agent \$node_($src) \$udp($src)

set null($dst) [new Agent/Null]

eval $ns_ attach-agent \$node_($dst) \$null($dst)

set expl($src) [new Application/Traffic/Exponential]

eval \$expl($src) set packetSize_ 70

eval \$expl($src) set burst_time_ 0

eval \$expl($src) set idle_time_ [expr $interval*1000.0-70.0*8/250]ms ;#
idle_time + pkt_tx_time = interval

eval \$expl($src) set rate_ 250k

eval \$expl($src) attach-agent \$udp($src)

eval $ns_ connect \$udp($src) \$null($dst)

$ns_ at $starttime "$expl($src) start"


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