Hi all ,
I am new to NS-2(im using ns-2.28 an ns.2.30).I am trying to include Ricean 
propagation model 
  with the following steps:
1-Copy the two files under ns-src(prop-ricean.cc,prop-ricean.h) into my NS 
source directory
2-edit Makefile.in in my NS source directory and i added the  
mobile/prop_ricean.o \  to OBJ_CC 
3-Run configure 
4. make clean
5. make 
 but when I am trying to test the Ricean propagation model  using the following 
code I got the 
  following error: 
num_nodes is set 10
invalid command name "Propagation/Ricean"
    while executing
"Propagation/Ricean create _o13 "
    invoked from within
"catch "$className create $o $args" msg"
    invoked from within
"if [catch "$className create $o $args" msg] {
if [string match "__FAILED_SHADOW_OBJECT_" $msg] {
delete $o
return ""
global errorInfo
error "class $..."
    (procedure "new" line 3)
    invoked from within
"new $propType_"
    (procedure "_o3" line 29)
    (Simulator node-config line 29)
    invoked from within
Here is the code portion related to the error: 
 set val(chan)  Channel/WirelessChannel    ;#Channel Type
set prop [new Propagation/Ricean]
  set val(netif)  Phy/WirelessPhy            ;# network interface type
set val(mac)    Mac/802_11                 ;# MAC type
set val(ifq)   Queue/DropTail/PriQueue    ;# interface queue type
set val(ll)    LL                         ;# link layer type
set val(ant)   Antenna/OmniAntenna        ;# antenna model
set val(ifqlen) 50                         ;# max packet in ifq
set val(nn)    10                       ;# number of mobilenodes
set val(rp)    DSR               ;# routing protocol
set val(x)      1000
set val(y) 1000
# unity gain, omni-directional antennas
# set up the antennas to be centered in the node and 1.5 meters above it
Antenna/OmniAntenna set X_ 0
 Antenna/OmniAntenna set Y_ 0
 Antenna/OmniAntenna set Z_ 1.5 
Antenna/OmniAntenna set Gt_ 1.0
 Antenna/OmniAntenna set Gr_ 1.0
# Initialize the SharedMedia interface with parameters to make
# it works like the 914MHz Lucent WaveLAN DSSS radio interface
Phy/WirelessPhy set CPThresh_ 10.0
Phy/WirelessPhy set CSThresh_ 1.559e-11
Phy/WirelessPhy set RXThresh_ 3.652e-10
Phy/WirelessPhy set Rb_ 2*1e6
Phy/WirelessPhy set Pt_ 0.2818
Phy/WirelessPhy set freq_ 914e+6
Phy/WirelessPhy set L_ 1.0
# Initialize Global Variables
#Create simulator instance
set ns_ [new Simulator]
  set tracefd     [open hybridrice2.tr w]
#simulator object ns_ to writes all sim data into this tr file
$ns_ trace-all $tracefd
set namtrace [open hybridrice2.nam w]
$ns_ namtrace-all-wireless $namtrace $val(x) $val(y)
# set up topography object
set topo     [new Topography]
$topo load_flatgrid $val(x) $val(y)
# Create God
set god_ [create-god $val(nn)]
set chan_1_ [new $val(chan)]
# configure node, please note the change below.
$ns_ node-config -adhocRouting $val(rp) \
  -llType $val(ll) \
  -macType $val(mac) \
  -ifqType $val(ifq) \
  -ifqLen $val(ifqlen) \
                -propInstance $prop  \
  -antType $val(ant) \
  -phyType $val(netif) \
  -topoInstance $topo \
  -agentTrace ON \
  -routerTrace ON \
  -macTrace ON \
  -movementTrace OFF \
  -channel $chan_1_ 
#$ns_ node-config -adhocRouting $val(rp) \
 -llType $val(ll) \
 -macType $val(mac) \
 -ifqType $val(ifq) \ -ifqLen $val(ifqlen) \ -antType $val(ant) \ -propType 
$val(prop) \ -phyType 
  $val(netif) \ -topoInstance $topo \ -agentTrace ON \ -routerTrace ON \ 
-macTrace ON \
 -movementTrace OFF \
  -channel $chan_1_ 
set prop_inst [$ns_ set propInstance_]
$prop_inst MaxVelocity  2.5                 ;
$prop_inst RiceanK        6                 ;
$prop_inst LoadRiceFile  "rice_table.txt"   ;
  How can I solve such error
   Please if u can help me
thank you

Ibrahim Khider Eltahir Khider
Communication Software and Switch Technology Research Center
Dept of Electronic and Information Systems
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Mobile: 0086-27-63452269
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