Hi all,

Two questions:

I've been trying to debug some seg faults I've been having.  They
appear to be related to tracing dropped packets.  GDB's trace pack
ends in DoWrite called by TclWrite.  Has anybody else had experience
with this?  I am running NS 2.31 on Linux (Gutsy Ubuntu).  I am using
the old format of wireless traces.

This problem seems to be related to the load placed on the network.  I believe
this has to do with a lot of Packets being dropped from the IFQ.
The problem seems to be gone, or at least much less likely to occur,
now that I've altered Queue::reset to use Packet::free as opposed to drop.

As a possibly related issue.  It seems that NS often quits early.  I
am not sure if this
is a problem with my code or something other people have noticed.
I've been running long
simulations (10000 seconds), and 90% (or more) of the time (after
making the above change) NS will
complete normally.  The other simulations will end at a random much
earlier time, but NS still
completes without an error code.  Does anybody have an idea of what
would cause this?


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