it works without procedure but as I want the code to be in a procedure in order 
to call it several times so I don't have to repeat writing it in different 
parts of the program
thanks for help

Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 10:46:30 -0800From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Re: [ns] Traffic 
generation in a procTo: [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

Hi ns user,
Try to wirte the cbr traffic without procedure to show it is correct or not. 
# Traffic Source 1: Mobile node1->node3, flowid=1set udp1 [new Agent/UDP]$ns_ 
attach-agent $node_(1) $udp1$udp1 set class_ 1$udp1 set fid_ 1set cbr1 [new 
Application/Traffic/CBR]$cbr1 attach-agent $udp1$cbr1 set rate_ 20kb$cbr1 set 
packetSize_ 512#$cbr1 set interval_ 0.2
# Set loss monitor (to count bytes) at node 3set null1 [new Agent/Null]$ns_ 
attach-agent $node_(8) $null1
# Connect the CBR generator to the loss monitor$ns_ connect $udp1 $null1
Mohammed AbuHajar
----- Original Message ----From: Nabila khedimi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>To: [EMAIL 
PROTECTED]: Monday, November 19, 2007 7:27:35 PMSubject: [ns] Traffic 
generation in a procHi every one,I wrote a tcl proc for the generation of a cbr 
trafic :proc generate_cbr_traffic {agent_src size rate start_time end_time} { 
global ns          puts "In generate cbr: $agent_src $size $rate $start_time 
$end_time" set cbr_ [new Application/Traffic/CBR] $cbr_ set type_ CBR $cbr_ set 
packetsize_ $size $cbr_ set rate_ $rate $cbr_ attach-agent $agent_src $ns at 
$start_time "$cbr_ start" $ns at $end_time "$cbr_ stop"}I made the connection 
of the udp agents outside the procedure , when I call the procedure, in the NAM 
environment no traffic was generated , Thanks for your 
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