Hi NS-2 all,

I'm proud to announce my contribution to you.
Puma is a next-generation multicast routing protocol for mobile ad hoc
networks concepted by Ravindra Vaishampayan at UCSC in 2004. It
outperforms that well know multicast protocols like MAODV and ODMRP.

This happens because Puma is a mesh based protocol and uses a unique
control packet called Multicast Announcemet for all mesh maintenance
routines. Puma doesn't use unicast for that (proved as a good choice).

I'm now delivering to you a free, open source, implementation of Puma for NS-2.
Be free to use and change, but as you know, keep our names  (Ravindra
first, me after) as original contributors, and all that thing of
rights protection :)
See LICENSE file for details.

There are a few enhancements TODO (see README file), but It's fully functional.

This is the link to the project on SourceForge

Help is wanted* and comments are welcome.

* Specifically, I want to make a standard package for NS-2, with
testing, manual, example simulations etc. Just like another protocols.
Please, can someone help me with this?


Sidney Doria
Redes ad hoc móveis
Mestrado em Computação

"Nessa jornada, o conhecimento será o seu escudo..."
(Mestre dos Magos no episódio do grimoire de ouro)

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