Ns 2.29 is a must because I want to apply OLSR patch on it. Is it possible to 
change the tcl version to make it compatible with fedora and ubuntu? If yes, 
how to do it?
Kunagorn K.> Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 09:09:19 +0530> Subject: Re: [ns] Get Tcl 
error during installing ns 2.29 on both fedora and ubuntu!!!!> From: [EMAIL 
PROTECTED]> To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]> > > I am using Fedora Core 8 and tried to 
install ns-2.29 and got some error> and i forgot that error but something 
related to that tcl only. And now i> have installed ns-2.31. Its working fine 
in fedora 8. Try this version.> > >> >> > Hi all, I've tried to install ns2 
2.29 on both fedora core 5, 6 and ubuntu> > 7.10 desktop, however i've got the 
same error about tcl as shown in the> > following: tcl8.3.2 configuration 
failed! Exiting ...Tcl is not part of> > the ns project. Please see 
www.Scriptics.comto see if they have a fix fo> > your platform. So, could 
anyone help me to fix this error? And for anyone> > that has successfully 
installed ns2 2.29, which linux and version you use> > for installing ns2? 
Regards,Kunagorn> > 
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