Hi, all,
I am trying to use the Span package provided by : 
I have some problems.
1) I tried span-2.28-patch.tar.gz under ns-2.28 using Linux, but it could not 
successfully compiled. Is the patch must be installed under windows + cygwin? 
What kind of changes do I need to make?
2) I tried span_ns_1.1.tar.gz, span_ns_1.tar.gz and span_ns_0.tar.gz under 
ns2.1b7a. I followed the instruction on the webpage. When I run "autoheader", I 
always get the error:AC_CONFIG_HEADERS not found. I tried lower version of 
autoheader, it comes "srand not defined, ...etc"
Could you give me some suggestions to make Span working? Anyone has experience 
on this?
thanks a lot.

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