Hi all ns users
i am using ns2 from 1 year.........i m doing a project in my mtech last
In my project i have to change the mac protocol in ns2.31/mac. In my project
to increase the throughput, instead of using exponential backoff for
increasing the contention window i m using sliding contention window using
Linear Increase Linear Decrease mechanism.So for this i have made changes in
the fils of ns2.31/mac/mac-tdma.h, ns2.31/mac/mac-timers.h, mac 802.11.h,
mac 802.11.cc. when i have run the command *make in cygwin ,* it is compiled
sussessfully but when i am running  it, with all  tcl file it is giving me
arithmetic exception error............... so not producing the trace file.
please help me friends

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