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happen again]

Hello NS-users,

I am a newcomer to NS-2 and I'm studying ZigBee broadcast
communications. In a preliminary study, I was able to find
that Jianliang Zheng had developed an IEEE 802.15.4 module
for NS-2 and that Iyappan Ramachandran updated it with a
few features. I also found that the source code provided
by Jianliang Zheng contains a demo folder containing
scripts to test AODV and ZigBee routing. However, I don't
know if the NWK layer is already (fully or partially)

Because I am interested in simulating a ZigBee network
communicating using broadcasts and passive acknowledgments
at NWK level, I would like to know if this is possible
using this IEEE 802.15.4 NS-2 module (or other that may be

Can someone advise on how can I do this?

I will be very grateful for your advise,

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