I try to simulate an Ad-Hoc network on NS2. First of all, I try to introduce a
OFDMA into NS2.

OFDMA (Othogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) is beging considered as a
Multiuser-OFDM and as a multiple access method.

OFDMA provides multiplexing operation of data streams from multiple users onto
the downlink sub-channels and uplink multiple access by means of uplink

In OFDMA, both time and/or frequency resources are used to seperate the multiple
user signals. Il allows for partitioning the time and frequency resources into

OFDM symbols, s=1,...,S (in time dimension)

OFDM subcarriers, n=1,...N (in frequncy dimension)

Each user is allocated a number of OFDM symbols and subcarriers exclusively.

I don't know how to start ??? I try to find solutions of allocation of different
subcarriers to different user.

Please help me.

Thank you at all in advance.



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