* Sidney Doria | 2008-04-23 13:05:59 [-0300]:

> We know that NS-2 Transport API to Application layer does not provide
> a payload transfer.
> In NS, Transport only tells to the application: "hey, a packet with
> nbytes has arrived". But no data is transfered to the app.
> I'm using UDP and I need the payload to simulate well my application's
> behaviour.
> *** How did you, hard core people, circunvent this issue?

You must extend the frame structure and add an additonal field for payload.
Grep the source and you will find frame extensions where people add additional
QOS flags or piggybacking other information as well.

Not that big issue!

> And...
> Why NS2 does not provide this?!

Why should provide NS2 this? Nobody (except you) need this feature. In the
normal case the payload isn't interessing.


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