I was trying to use AODV for a wireless scenario with
mobiltiy with TDMA
as my MAC in the first case and 802.11 as my MAC in
the second case.The
scenario is 3 nodes (node 0,1,2 with 1 in between 0
and 2).

I have the following questions.

1) When TDMA is the MAC and when 2 moves out of range
of 1 there is no
RERR messages as we expect in theory. Instead node 1
forwards the data and
there is no trace of what happens to it after that.

2) When 802.11 is the MAC we get RERR messages which
are triggered by MAC
retransmission failures but the CTS from node to gets
dropped and the
error flag says STA which means Invalid MAC state.I
don't understand what
that means.

3) In theory, RERR messages are triggered by HELLO
packets (exchanged periodically between neighbors) as
well as MAC level retransmissions.But in ns-2 the
HELLO packet triggered RERR doesn't seem to work.

Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug?

I appreciate your replies


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