Dear ns-users,
       May I know how I could specify error models between a base
station and a wireless node?  I know how to do this for wired nodes but
specifying the error model for a link, but is there any way to do
something similar for wireless nodes?

I added the following lines in my TCL script:

et val(chan)           Channel/WirelessChannel    ;# channel type
set val(prop)           Propagation/TwoRayGround   ;# radio-propagation
set val(netif)          Phy/WirelessPhy            ;# network interface type

set opt(err)        UniformErrorProc
set val(mac)            Mac/802_11                 ;# MAC type
set val(ifq)            Queue/DropTail/PriQueue    ;# interface queue type
set val(ll)             LL                         ;# link layer type
set val(ant)            Antenna/OmniAntenna        ;# antenna model
set val(ifqlen)         50                         ;# max packet in ifq
set val(nn)             2                          ;# number of mobilenodes
set val(rp)             DSDV                       ;# routing protocol

#Error Model

$ns_ node-config -IncomingErrProc UniformErr -OutgoingErrProc UniformErr

ErrorModel set rate_ 10

proc UniformErrorProc {} {
    global opt

    set    errObj [new ErrorModel]
    $errObj unit packet
    return $errObj

But it doesn't work, the error rate has no effect.

Please help me , waiting for your reply.


Please tell me.Waiting for your reply.

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