Hello ns-users

I follow these steps to install inspec:

1-uncompress and untar the compressed tar file "inspect-allinone-igd-1.1.1"
and copy that to home as "inspect" directory

2- run "simple-wireless.tcl" in ns-2.31 and get "simple.out" such as written
in manual

3- install inspect via :

cd  /home/inspect


4- set the environment variables to:

Export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/inspect/lib/gtkglext/lib/:/home/lib/shplib :

5-put the "simple.out" and "simple.conf" at  < /home/inspect>  path

6- run inspect via below command:

                Inspect –t  simple.conf  simple.out

but at the end i have this error:

bash: command not found

please tell me if i have a mistake in one of the previous procedure.

samira niafar

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