Hey all!

> I have a problem that I think would be pretty simple for someone to help me
> troubleshoot if they have the proper knowledge! My coding background isn't
> the best, so apologies :)
> I created a simple library that defines a global variable, and provides a
> simple access / increment function for it. Anyways, I'm using it in my TCP
> code (a simple global packet counter when packets are received).
> -The library itself compiles fine.
> - I added it to the INCLUDES section and OBJ_CC section of the Makefile
> So. Including the library itself in the TCP code isn't in issue, but I get
> the "undefined reference to" error when I try to call the library's
> functions. Upon googling I found some stuff about linking issues in GCC, but
> my CS background is so week, I'm not sure what I'd need to modify to fix
> this. Couldn't find any clear references for this within the context of NS2.
> I'm guessing there's probably another line in the Makefile that I must add
> to, but I'm not sure what/where that would be. I figure, however, this is an
> easy issue for the NS2 vets :)
> Any help would be appreciated!!!
> Best,
> Scott

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