Thank you Ramon!
I've already implemented your solution and it's great when I want to work in 
a scenario that I can
call "Multi Interfaces Single IP address". The problem arises when I try to 
work in the scenario in which each
interface (network card) is equipped with own ip address because the 
solution that you have suggested to me
does not allow to do it. I call this scenario "Multi Interfaces Multiple IP 
In your solution the node has only one IP address and many physical 
interfaces that are
able to work in different channels. In my solution I would to have node with 
different physical interfaces each one
equipped with its own IP address. Is it possible in your opinion?
Best regards,


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Hi Massimo,

maybe you would like to take a look at:


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>Dear all,
>I'm working on Ad-Hoc Mesh Network scenario, I want to use more than one 
>network interfaces per node and I want to provide an IP address for
>each interfaces. Naturally, the interfaces installed in the same node will 
>work in different channels to avoid interference.
>I tried to modify the C++ code but I realized that it was not the correct 
>solution because the routing agent allows only a single identifier
>per node and so some packets have been lost.
>Another idea should be to connect many nodes equipped with only one network 
>interface by a "piece of cable" to build a macronode with more
>than one network interfaces. The idea seems good but I'm not able to 
>implement the ns script that allows to do it.
>Do you have some suggestions or some smarter idea for me?
>Thank you all in advance!
>Best regards.
>Massimo Reineri

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