Thanks a lot. I recall this. But I never use it because I don't know who is 
the uptarget_ of who. Using debug, it seems every leayer will go to trace so I 
wonder whether uptarget_ of mac is trace or link.  Do you have any experience ? 
So we only need to follow the structure of Chapter 16, is that right?


When you created a node in otcl, mac layer and other components are
fixed together(both in otcl and C++). If you want to access MAC layer
in C++, you simply use a pointer uptarget_* or downtarget_* in the
layer where you want to do this. For example you want to do this in
PHY layer, you just:

You may want to refer to the overview diagram provided in NS manual
chapter 16. I'm new to NS, hope this helps!

2008/10/16 Daniel Dekst :
> Hi, everyone,
> I know how to access physical layer since Class Node provides a variable 
> ifhead_ for list of phys.
> So
> WirelessPhy* physicalLayer = (WirelessPhy*)(node_->ifhead()).lh_first;
> works.
> But it does not provide list of mac, thus can I access mac layer similar as 
> above?
> I know tcl may work by calling mac layer and then again use tcl to return the 
> desired value, but is there any method to access it directly using c++?
> Best,
> Pei
> Pei Huang, Ph.D. student
> Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
> Michigan State University
> http://dekst.awardspace.com

Best regards,
Li Ye


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