Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the release of XAV/YAVISTA 1.0.

XAV allows real time exploration of the NS-2 trace files by optimizing
database access.

XAV current release works on NS-2.30 with Linux.

Downloading XAV

Publications (WNS2 2008 & MSWiM 2008):

NS-2.30 patch:

Website :

The key concepts of XAV are:

    * indexes to eliminate wasted time searching the whole record set when
little information is needed (speeds up data access).
    * packet pointers in order to eliminate duplicated packet headers for
each log entry (saves disk space).

XAV works with

    * wired and wireless nodes
    * several network protocols such as CBR, TCP, IP, AODV, ARP, 802.11 &


The XAV source code is being released as open source under The GNU
General Public License (GPL).


XAV has been developed by
a)the LIP6 Laboratory/Pole Phare (University of Paris 6/France)
b)the CRISTAL Laboratory (ENSI/Tunisia) & ESPRIT/Tunisia

Best regards,
The Yavista Team

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