Most often I do some postprocessing using perl, awk or something. This is to 
get the data I want (I tend to log more than I really need) in the format I 
want. Then I use matlab or gnuplot for the visual representation. Matlab is of 
course more powerful, but gnuplot is for free.

Mats Folke

Syed Faraz Hasan wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> I am using tracegraph and NS2 Visual Trace Analyzer to plot results
> of NS-2.33 simulations. When I simulated wired-wireless scenarios
> last time, both softwares failed to plot its graph. I wrote to NS2
> Visual Trace Analyzer's developer and he said his program is not
> compatible with "lindex" structure used in TCL code for
> wired-wireless simulations (He is always very kind to write back!). I
> had written to tracegraph's developer as well but have not yet heard
> from him. Can some one please direct me to some graph plotting tool
> which can overcome this problem.        
> Please write back soon, I am in desperate need of help.
> Faraz

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