[Bug Report]

Category:  Other
Package:   ns ns-2.31
OS:        Linux ubuntu 8.0
Environment Variables:


Description of Problem:
How to get and run tcl script for the protocol that already implemented in ns2

How Easily Reproducible:
(e.g. every time, intermittent, once only, etc.)

Steps to Reproduce:
(describe the minimal set of steps necessary to trigger the bug)

Actual Results:
(describe what the application did after performing the above steps)

Expected Results:
(describe what the application should have done, were the bug not present)

Additional Information:
(the following infomation is helpful to debug:
 1. simulation script, detailed output files, packet trace
 2. patch file if you modify some source code
 3. a backtrace from gdb if you get a segment fault
 If they are big files, PLEASE put them in your web space and
 include the URL here.)

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