Can any one help to answer those problems that I have met during simulation.
1, my wireless nodes can be seen from the nam window as long as I use wired
routing ON, not OFF. I currently do not know why
2, my random number generator cannot generate different random number, so
that all of my mobile nodes are located in (0,0)
3, all of the mobile nodes may out of the transmission range of the base
station. I do not know how to guarantee that
4, when I execute the program, from the terminal, I can always find "Routes
not yet computed", I do not know what does this message mean
5, my animation final cannot start automatically.
6, I have search the internet and also read some parts of the NS mannual,
and now I still get puzzled about the differences of setting up wireless
nodes and wired nodes, and also about setting up mobile nodes and base

Thank you for your kind help.


Feng An

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