I hope you are in best of health.

After using your patch at
http://dsn.tm.uni-karlsruhe.de/english/Overhaul_NS-2.php along ith NS2.33

I read wireless-phyExt.cc file in ~ns/ns-2.33/mac folder and compared it to
standard wireless-phy.cc file located in the same folder.

At line 108 in standard wireless-phy.cc file I found the following code

// Assume AT&T's Wavelan PCMCIA card -- Chalermek
        //    Pt_ = 8.5872e-4; // For 40m transmission range.
    //      Pt_ = 7.214e-3;  // For 100m transmission range.
    //      Pt_ = 0.2818; // For 250m transmission range.
    //    Pt_ = pow(10, 2.45) * 1e-3;         // 24.5 dbm, ~ 281.8mw

These Pt_ values basically give opportunity to set the transmission range to
different distances.

However no such information is given in your wireless-phyExt.cc file.

How Can I modify the Pt_ value to get desired transmission range?

Should I use the same values as given in wireless-phy.cc

I intend to use IEEE 802.11p with Nakagami RF model. I need to set
communication range of 500 meters.

What sort of values do I need to place in Pt_ and other variables.

Many thanks for your help.

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