Dimitris Liarokapis schrieb:
> Is it only broadcast traffic that you use?

No, I will use mixed Broadcast and Unicast traffic.

Damian Philipp

> On 6/24/09, Damian Philipp <damian.phil...@gmx.net> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am working on a simulation for a newly developed protocol in wireless
>> ad-hoc networks. After quite some digging and experimenting I managed to
>> find out how to send a Broadcast package
>> (http://nuraini.net/2007/09/16/unicast-and-broadcat-packet-on-ns2/ is
>> probably the best source). Now that I am able to send broadcast
>> packages, I'd also like to be able to receive them.
>> I found a message sent to this list almost a decade ago:
>> http://isi.edu/nsnam/archive/ns-users/webarch/2000/msg02832.html
>> This explains on how one would have to go about patching ns2 so a
>> broadcast packet can be received by something other than the routing
>> agent. As this post is 9 years old, this got me wondering: are there
>> some specific issues related to broadcast handling, that this has not
>> yet been included in the mainline ns2? Or is there actually a better way
>> to achieve this?
>> I also read about a lot of people having problems finding the LL object
>> in the C++-Code. I too ran into this issue but found that using the
>> "target_" of the agent works just as well. Is using "target_" a valid
>> way of broadcasting or is this going to come back and haunt me when I do
>> more advanced stuff in my Agent?
>> Regards,
>> Damian Philipp

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