I've successfully tested AODV and DYMO routing protocols using TraCI
interface for coupling of NS2 and SUMO for road traffic simulations.

But when I use OLSR patch (UM-OLSR), I get segmentation fault error.

Previously, while only using NS2 for simulations I did get this error, but I
managed to increase some of the constants defined in the patch, and got rid
of this segmentation fault error.

This time around I'm experimenting with only 10 nodes, which are travelling
on a highway and use OLSR as communication protocol. So, memory related
issue should not be a problem, as the number of nodes are small.

anyhow the simualion lasts for only 8 seconds out of 40 seconds in total.

Any other person faced this problem? Or is there an issue with PROACTIVE
routing protocols, when used with SUMO+NS2 settings.


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