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The 2010 International Conference for
Computational Science and Its Applications (ICCSA 2010)
to be held on March 23 -26, 2010 at Kyushu Sangyo University, Fukuoka, 


Wireless Multimeida Sensor Network (WMSN) has gathered a lot of 
interest in research community recently, since it has opened new 
challenges with the development of intresting application like 
survelliance, environmment monitoring etc. The development of 
efficient protocols for WMSN communication as well as development of 
WMSN motes itself presents numeours challenges for the research 
community. Energy is the biggest concern for such networks and 
achieving high energy efficiency is of paramount importance for the 
longevity of the network.  In order to combat against this energy 
challenge energy efficient hardware and communication protocol design 
for such devices has gathered the intentions of the research community 
recently.  The workshop aims to bring together the research community 
working in the similar areas.  It will be held in conjunction with 
ICCSA 2010, thus providing an ideal opportunity for researchers and 
specially high degree PhD research students to present their latest 
work and have a valuable feedback from experts. Authors are 
invited to submit original, previously unpublished work that clearly 
demonstrate their research related to energy efficient WSN.  Topics of 
interest include but are not limited to the following featured topics:
•    Hardware aspects of sensor design
•    Energy Conservation and Management
•    Energy-aware communication protocols
•    Cross-layer optimization
•    Collaborative signal processing
•    Quality-of-Service
•    Simulation tools, operating systems and middleware
•    Security, privacy, and data integrity in WSN 
•    Scalability of wireless sensor networks
•    Integration with Other System
•    Sensor networks and the Web
•    Prototypes, field studies, and testbeds
•    WSN Applications such as environment, petroleum, healthcare, 
security, and agriculture.

Important Dates 

August 30, 2009–October 31, 2009:   Abstract and Full Paper submission

November 1–December 3, 2009:         Reviewing of submitted Papers

December  7, 2009:                             Notification of 

January 8, 2010:                                  Early-bird 
Registration ends.

January 8, 2010:                                  Submission deadline 
for the final version of the Papers 

March 23-26, 2010:                             ICCSA 2010 Conference


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