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>  hi guys,I installed slackware 10 and keep trying runnig NS,but I faced the
> following error:

slackware 10.. I remember I had problems with it too, and the problem was
the Tcl package from slackware didn't have a few headers ns2 would need to
build. Try building new tcl packages with the slackbuild from slackware 11.0
(the tcl packaging problem was fixed there). It might solve this particular
compilation problem.

> ./install: line179 : cd: ./tcl8.3.2/unix: nosuch file or
> directory,/install: line 186: ./configure : no such file or
> directory tcl8.3.2 configuration failed! Exiting ...> Tcl is not part of the
> ns project.  Please see> www.Scriptics.com%3chttp://www.scriptics.com/>>
> to see if they have a fix for your platform.
> anybody got any suggestions?thanks

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