is there a way to put a flag on each packet? a per flow flag.
For example, if we have a video streaming and a messaging over TCP. Can we
add an extra flag [V] for video and [M] for each packet sended by the
applications over the same agent?

Or i'll need to hack the ns2 source code at a C++ level?


2009/10/24 Daniel Anguita <>

> It's possible to identify with a flag or something the packets being send
> from an Application/Telnet? not by Agent.
> I have a emulation with two SCTP Agents, one on each node, to send data in
> both ways.
> And I add four Application/Telnet, each emulating a real world application.
> I need to analyze the trace files or nam files per application data flow,
> but the problem is that i can't figure out how to distinguish packets of
> each application.
> I'm doing this test, because i want to prove that SCTP can balance several
> streaming better than TCP. And maybe later add a priority algorithm to SCTP
> and test again.
> But how to distringuish each application flow?????
> Thanks a lot!
> bye
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> Daniel Anguita O.
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