Please help me!
That the traffic TCP / CBR does not work correctly for packets with 64 bytes 
and 128 bytes. 

Even in time of 1 packet per second.

The NS transmits more packets than the requested.
## Simulation TCP Reno, 1 Flow, CBR, Link 100Mb.
set ns [new Simulator]
set nf [open reno.nam w]
$ns namtrace-all $nf
set tf [open w]
$ns namtrace-all $nf
$ns trace-all $tf
$ns at 2.0 { puts "wello-1" }
#set tcp [new Agent/TCP]
set tcp [new Agent/TCP/Reno]
$tcp set packetSize_ 64
set cbr [new Application/Traffic/CBR]
$cbr set interval_ 1.0
set sink [new Agent/TCPSink]
 $tcp set class_ 1
 $ns color 1 red
set n0 [$ns node]
set n1 [$ns node]
#link de 100Mbs Atraso cfe ambiente real
$ns duplex-link $n0 $n1 100Mb 0.151ms DropTail
proc finaliza {} { 
 global $ns $nf $tf
 $ns flush trace
 close $nf
 close $tf
 exec nam out.nam &
 exit O}
$ns attach-agent $n0 $tcp 
$ns attach-agent $n1 $sink 
$cbr attach-agent $tcp 
$ns connect $tcp $sink 
$ns at 1.0 "$cbr start" 
$ns at 61.0 "$cbr stop"
$ns at 62.0 "exit"
$ns run

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