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Subject: Pure Wireless networking with a BS and two mobile nodes


  I tried to send a packet from one mobile station to another using a base 
It is received by the BS but not received by the second MS. 
Can you write a few line script to do the same ?


details of my work:

$ns node-config -adhocRouting $opt(adhocRouting) \
                 -llType $opt(ll) \
                 -macType $opt(mac) \
                 -ifqType $opt(ifq) \
                 -ifqLen $opt(ifqlen) \
                 -antType $opt(ant) \
                 -propType $opt(prop)    \
                 -phyType $opt(netif) \
                 -channel [new $opt(chan)] \
                 -topoInstance $topo \
                 -wiredRouting OFF \
                 -agentTrace ON \
                 -routerTrace OFF \
                 -macTrace OFF  \
                 -movementTrace OFF

Then I created bs, attached two ms to bs.
UDP agent to one ms, null agent to another ms(sink node).
start application.
Sends properly upto the bs, but the sink node doesn't receive.

I use DSDV routing as my adhocRouthing protocol , and it is heirarchical.


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