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Subject: [ns] 802.11 MAC code
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Date: Thursday, December 3, 2009, 6:14 PM

hi, i need to understand some issues of how 802.11 is implemented on ns-2,
i've read some theory and checking the code at the same time, but i dont
find how is implemented the process of reporting to the higher layers when a
packet is lost after retry retransmission limit is reached. if someone may
give me some direction i'll really grateful

" When a station transmits a frame, it must receive an acknowledgment from
the receiver or it will consider the transmission to have failed. Failed
transmissions increment the retry counter associated with the frame (or
fragment). If the retry limit is reached, the frame is discarded, and its
loss is reported to higher-layer protocol"  *From 802.11 Wireless Networks:
The Definitive Guide, 2nd

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