hi all,could some one please explains to me why we need to use random variables 
RNG or seedI am confused . I read that some times we need them to generate 
random variables to use it in sending traffic but i dont how this is 
happeninghere is the example i have(partial):
        .       .set base_seed‭         [‬lindex‭ $‬argv 0‭];   .       .       
.global defaultRNG‭$‬defaultRNG seed predef‭ $‬base_seed        .       .       
.       .       .
‭#‬set up BE uplink flowsset be_ul_sink‭ [‬new Agent/LossMonitor‭]‬‭$‬ns‭_ 
‬attach-agent‭ $‬W‭ $‬be_ul_sinkfor‭ {‬set j‭ $‬be_init‭} {$‬j‭ < $‬be_end‭} 
{‬incr j‭} {‬‭    ‬set be_tcp_ul‭_($‬j‭) [‬new Agent/TCP‭]‬‭    $‬ns‭_ 
‬attach-agent‭ $‬node‭_($‬j‭) $‬be_tcp_ul‭_($‬j‭)‬‭    $‬ns‭_ ‬connect‭ 
$‬be_tcp_ul‭_($‬j‭) $‬be_ul_sink
‭    ‬set be_ftp_ul‭_($‬j‭) [‬new Application/FTP‭]‬‭    $‬be_ftp_ul‭_($‬j‭) 
‬attach-agent‭ $‬be_tcp_ul‭_($‬j‭)‬‭ ‬‭}‬
‭# ‬random number generatorset gna_be_ul‭ [‬new RNG‭]‬‭$‬gna_be_ul seed predef‭ 
[‬expr‭ $‬base_seed‭ + ‬5‭]‬
for‭ {‬set j‭ $‬be_init‭} {$‬j‭ < $‬be_end‭} {‬incr j‭} {‬‭    ‬set stime‭ 
[‬expr 0.1‭ + [$‬gna_be_ul uniform 0‭ ‬1‭]]‬‭    $‬ns‭_ ‬at‭  $‬stime‭  
"$‬be_ftp_ul‭_($‬j‭) ‬start‭"‬‭}‬    .       .
What is this  seed, RNG , uniform ant its parameters. and what is the result 
from using this.
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