i m writing a routing Algo. for the wired network
i have write most of the code and now working with load balancing issue

i have formulated it and have also write the code

but problem is after sensing a congestion in a network or getting link
utilization high

it calls my method madd-routes which add multiple routes for load balancing
but the problem is that

it only shift the traffic for once

i have found that ns2 send traffic in round robin when multipath_ is set to
as define in ns notes

what would be the problem???

here is the code snippet

Agent/rtProto/SLRA instproc madd-route {peerAddr dst check nodeid} {
$self instvar nextHop_

global multi
puts "check $check"
set node_ [$self id2handle $nodeid]
set dest_ [$self id2handle $dst]

puts "for subnet $dst the link is $peerAddr"
set ns_ [Simulator instance]
set nullAgent_ [$ns_ set nullAgent_]
set a [$dest_ set address_]
set b [$ns_ link $node_ $peerAddr]

lappend target_list $b

if { $check == 1 } {
if { $nextHop_($dest_) != "" } {
$node_ delete-route [$dst id] $nextHop_($dst) $nullAgent_
$node_ add-routes $dst $target_list
$node_ set multipath_ 1
set $multi 1

# check is use to to check whehter all routes are added in terget list and
is #controlled in c++

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