Any NS2 user interested in this as well?

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From: Xiaoyang Liu <>
Date: 2 April 2010 16:41
Subject: [Ns-developers] Searching reviewers for Chinese version of
NS3 Tutorial & Manual

Dear all!

        I'm glad to inform you, in represent of my translation team,
of that we are translating ns3 tutorial & manual into Chinese, and
we've already finished most parts of those documents.
       Now, we are searching for reviewers of ns3 expert, skilled
user, or developers, who would like to devote time and energy for the
final version. We hope that you can ensure the accurateness and
readability of ns3 docs’ Chinese version for vast Chinese scholars.

       Thank you for Tom’s honorable work and for your future involvement!

       Please contact us for detailed information and arrangement.

Best regard!
Xiaoyang Liu
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

On 4/1/10 10:30 PM, Xiaoyang Liu wrote:
> Dear Tom,
> Greetings!
> I'm a student from SJTU, China. I've established a translation team of
> about 50 students through NS forum and blogs, we are translating NS3
> Tutorial and Manual recently, and we've published part of the Chinese
> PDF version of those materials on our blogs and forum. I’d like to know
> whether it’s possible for us to submit our work to ns3 project? And do
> you happen to know someone who can help us and review our translation?
> Our team has now about 50 students from many universities of China, and
> more than 20 of them have strong and long commitment for NS3
> translation. We aim to fill the language gap for Chinese researchers and
> ns beginners! So, I’d like to contribute our translation for vast
> Chinese scholars and look forward for your suggestions. Please support
> me and help me!
> Thanks in advance!
> Best regard!
> Xiaoyang Liu
> 刘小洋
> Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), China

Hi, this sounds like a nice addition.  I would be happy to host the
translated documents on our website.  Regarding your search for a
reviewer, I think you would probably get the best response if you asked
this question on the ns-3-users mailing list.  Could you post the above
message on that list?


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