The issue i'm facing is that broadcast packet is reaching node 4 from
9 but unicast packet is not. This agent is just to demonstrate that
the broadcast packet is reaching some nodes but unicast packet is not.
Since routing protocols use broadcast packets to calculate the route
they can consider such a node every time but when sending the data
through unicast there will be problem.

For example if i want to send packets from node 9 to node 4 then
routing algorithms like OLSR that are based on broadcast packets for
route calculation will consider node 4 as the best hop, as it is
getting broadcast route replies from it. But when a packet is sent to
node 4 it will be dropped. If the node 9 detects this failure then it
will  again find calculate new route based on broadcast packets and
again node 4 will be the best one.

I'm curious to know why there is a difference range of broadcast and
unicast. Is there a problem in ns or i'm doing something wrong?

By analysing the trace files i found that the node is dropping the
packets and the reason for that is ARP. How can this be fixed?

Amit Khanna

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