Which traffic simulator what you recommend to use with ns-2 if the goal is
to produce provably representative HTTP web traffic for a FIXED number of
clients? Firstly I have noticed that ns2 contains HttpApps which include
servers and users. However, one would have to specify parameters, e.g. for
RNGs. Secondly, I read a lot about the PackMime model; the only problem is
that the number of users changes dynamically throughout the simulation.

My second - beginner - question is about changing the receiving agent of a
TCP sender dynamically from the application level. I do not want to take too
much of your time; therefore I would be pleased if one of you could tell me
that it is indeed possible to invoke detach and connect methods from within
an Application object, e.g. depending on some timer or something (the goal
is to send data do more than one destination node/agent).


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