Can somebody indicate to me how I implement the aodv ou dsr  protocol but
with two type of nodes (end node and transit node) (I created a Boolean
variable who indicate the type of the node if it is “end node” then the
variable is true else false), what I can make so that each node must know
the type of their neighbors (end node or transit node) in the tabe of
routing, before the sending of package RREQ, the  transit node must test the
type of the node neighbors (next jump), if it is a node of the type "end
node" and it is not the destination should not send the packet RREQ towards
this node, finaly the path (between source and destination) will not contain
nodes of the type “end node”, in your opinion I can do that with the
protocol aodv or DSR.
thank you very much.

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