Hi All,

I have written a tcl script and an awk script to evaluate the performance of
AODV, DSR and DSDV protocols in terms of average delay and total number of
packets received and dropped. But i am getting very absurd results when i
run my script to extract the data.

My results are as follow:

for DSR:

  Generated Packets = 46904 PACKETS
  Received Packets = 1227 PACKETS
  Total Dropped Packets = 12443
  e2e delay = 3.911883

for AODV:

  Generated Packets = 12362 PACKETS
  Received Packets = 3221 PACKETS
  Total Dropped Packets = 9105
  e2e delay = 0.007428

I believe that there is something wrong in my script which i am not able to
figure out.

So can anyone provide me a tcl script for AODV, DSR and DSDV protocols such
that all the required data are extracted from trace files in TCL scripts
only rather than using AWK script separately.

Eagerly waiting for a quick reply as i need it urgently.

Thanks & Regards,

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