Hello Everyone,

I am an ns2 newbee and i am trying to install ns2.27 and not a new verison 
because the module i want to work with is implemented in this version and not 
compatible with any other version. The error i get is stated below. Please i 
will appreciate any help I can get as I am running behind schedule for my 
thesis. Thank you very much in advance.

wonu...@ubuntu:~/ns-allinone-2.27/ns-2.27$ make
-I/home/wonuola/ns-allinone-2.27/include -I/usr/include/pcap -I./tcp -I./sctp 
-I./common -I./link -I./queue -I./adc -I./apps -I./mac -I./mobile -I./trace 
-I./routing -I./tools -I./classifier -I./mcast -I./diffusion3/lib/main 
-I./diffusion3/lib -I./diffusion3/lib/nr -I./diffusion3/ns 
-I./diffusion3/filter_core -I./asim/ -I./qs -o tools/random.o tools/random.cc
In file included from config.h:54,
                 from tools/random.cc:40:
autoconf.h:85: error: namespace `no' undeclared
make: *** [tools/random.o] Error 1


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