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"QWI" dropped event is due to the filling of the WIMAX BS Queue Tail. I think 
as a default:

Mac/802_16 set queue_length_ 50. Not suffisant in CBR application when the 
interval is very small. 



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De: El hadi Cherkaoui <>
Objet: [ns] Dropped packets in BS WIMAX - Nw QWI
À: "NS user" <ns-users@ISI.EDU>
Date: Mercredi 22 décembre 2010, 2h53

Dear all, 

I have this dropped packet in trace file:

d -t 10.805844200 -Hs 2 -Hd 4194306 -Ni 2 -Nx 1100.00 -Ny 1000.00 -Nz 0.00 -Ne 
-1.000000 -Nl MAC -Nw QWI -Ma 0 -Md 0 -Ms 8 -Mt 0 -Is 0.0 -Id 4194306.0 -It cbr 
-Il 5120 -If 0 -Ii 457 -Iv 29 -Pn cbr -Pi 76 -Pf 0 -Po 0 

the reason is Nw QWI .

What is QWI ??

the dropped event occures in the Wimax BS. If it iss due to the queue length , 
should I large it to solve the problem ??




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