Simple question on Mobile Node Movement which I just cannot figure out (its
been a week...):
My code for creation of mobile nodes and movement:

set node_(1) [$ns node]; Node 1 Creation
$node_(1) set X 40.0
$node_(1) set Y 30.0
$node_(1) set Z 0.0

$ns at 100.0 "$node_(1) setdest 50.0 40.0 5.0"; Node 1 Movement
$ns at 150.0 "$node_(1) setdest 100.0 80.0 5.0"

I recorded this movement in a trace file and ran it on NAM. But the nam
playback shows:
1. at time 0: Node 1 is at position (40,30)
2. at time 100: Node 1 shows a SUDDEN JUMP back to position (0,0) before
moving towards (50,40) <===
3. at time 150: Node 1 moves from position (50,40) to position (100,80)

This is the problem which I dont understand. Why does Node 1 show a sudden
jump back to position (0,0)? How do I make it move from position (40,30) to
(50,40) straight?

Anyone, please advise? Thank you.  :)

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