Ha ha,I also thought of what you just said.However, the transmission power for 
the sender is predetermined in the simulator. That‘s to say, the sender 
transmit the packet by the default power.
 What's the default? You can see Ns-default.tcl (tcl\lib):Phy/WirelessPhy set 
Pt_ 0.28183815.
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Is there anyway to calculate the signal strenght by the sender before sending 
the packet out????


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you can refer to the file mac/wireless-phy.cc, including a function 
--WirelessPhy::sendUp(Packet *p)  in which there are a few lines as follows:
  s.stamp((MobileNode*)node(), ant_, 0, lambda_);
  Pr = propagation_->Pr(&p->txinfo_, &s, this);
/******my code*****/
  struct hdr_ip *ih = HDR_IP(p);
  fprintf(fp,"%f %d->%d[%d->%d] %e=====%s\n",Scheduler::instance().clock(),
  Pr<CSThresh_ ? "detect fail": ((Pr<RXThresh_ ? "recv error" : "success 
      The receiver calculate the power with which the packet are received  
according to the attenuation algorithm in ns2 simulator, so the @Pr = 
propagation_->Pr(&p->txinfo_, &s, this);@
maybe help us to judge the sender's signal strength influenced by the sender's 
hardware and software environment.
    You could tell me if you had a better resolution.

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