hi every one,

I am trying to simulate the bcast protocol orginally it is for ns2.27 but i am 
trying to run it under ns2.34 but I got those error I hope you can help me in 
this issue.

this is the error:
In file included from ./bcast/bcast.h:63,
                 from ./bcast/bcast_packet.h:63,
                 from trace/cmu-trace.cc:55:
./bcast/bcast_queue.h:49: error: expected ‘)’ before ‘*’ token
trace/cmu-trace.cc:1631: error: expected ‘}’ at end of input
trace/cmu-trace.cc:1631: error: expected unqualified-id at end of input
make: *** [trace/cmu-trace.o] Error 1

this is the ln 49 of bcast_gueue.h:
  BCASTHandler(BCAST *a) : agent(a) {LIST_INIT(&pbcasts); no_bcasts=0;}

Thanx in advance,

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