Hello all,

I found  atool called jTrana, that analysis the trace file in ns2, but
i'm using the ns-NiST mobility package,

i have some addresses like  Nw ffff0008    or  ffff6080   or Nw LOOP ,
that jTrana can't read and gives error and stop working,

can any one help regarding this problem

On 11/18/11, Ederval Pablo Ferreira <ederval.c...@ifes.edu.br> wrote:
> Hi guys,.....I want to implement Bloom filters in queries messages of
> a protocol. Anyone here already work with bloom filters in NS2?? Does
> anyone have any code about using Bloom Filters in NS2 with any
> protocol (AODV, DSR, DSDV or other). I already have the protocol
> implemented and working, but I want to combine Bloom filter in it.
> Can anyone help me????
> Thanks for advance!!
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