Hi Nor Affida M.Zin,

I have tried to run a simulation with 2 BS but failed. I didn't find any docs 
regarding this. So if you find let others also to know about this.

If anyone knows about this please replay.

Sajeeb Saha
10th Batch,CSEDU


 From: Nor Affida M.Zin <insyira...@hotmail.com>
To: ns-users@ISI.EDU 
Sent: Tuesday, 27 December 2011, 14:34
Subject: [ns] FW:  wimax simulation_nist module: multiple BSs


Has anyone do the wimax simulation using the nist module? Can this module 
support the simulation for multiple base stations (BSs)?

Thanks and Regards
Nor Affida M. Zin
Postgraduate Student
Photonic Technology Center
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

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