Hello NS Uers ,

I am using mobiwan patch designed for Mobile IPv6 in ns 2. I am using it in
ns 2.33. I have run the simple-mipv6.tcl script to run a simple simulation
with 4 base stations , one router, one corresponding node and one mobile
node. The trace file obtained gives an output like one as follow :

*r 45.151882 0 1 cbr 1024 ------- 0 703 794*
*The 3rd and 4th fields are the node ids. *
My question is how can we display the mobile node, base station or CN  id
on command line. In aodv , normally by cour<<index; in aodv.cc file
displays the node id . However , so far i am not able to find this solution
for mipv6.

Will really appreciate an early response from the community .


Muhammad Shoaib SALEEM
PhD Student
Wireless Networks & Multimedia Services Department
Institut Télécom - Télécom SudParis
9 Rue Charles Fourier 91011 Evry, France.



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