I am designing a new trace file for ns2, which is suitable for my work. I read 
the trace tutorial in nsdoc and the book Introduction to ns2 but there are 
something unclear to me.

First, as in the book mentioned, the Trace class was designed for packet 
tracing, so what is the really role of a BaseTrace object (the variable of type 
BaseTrace in the Trace class was commented "for packing tracing").

CMUTrace class was designed to trace in wireless network. As far as I 
understand, it supports tracing everything (not packets only) because it has no 
implementation of the variable src_ and dst_ of the Trace class, although it 
derives from it.

My tracing file I want to design is something like the nam trace. It is 
designed exclusively for wireless network. First, it should have overall 
network information (xSize, ySize), node information (id, x, y, z, energy), 
events tracing (send, receive, forwarding, drop of packets, and sleep and wake 
of nodes). What is the best implementation for my design?

Hope to have some suggestions. 

Thank you,

Hieu Nguyen

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