In ns2.35/tcl/ex/IEEE.802-11.a.tcl, we have the parameters to simulate 802.11a 
with 802.11Ext module. As I read in documentations of 802.11Ext, the parameters 
for 802.11 b/g should be set by the user. 

Below is the content of "EEE.802-11.a.tc", I wonder if it is sufficient to only 
change these parameters to simulate 802.11 b/g.

Phy/WirelessPhyExt set CSThresh_                6.31e-12    ;#-82 dBm Wireless 
interface sensitivity (sensitivity defined in the standard)
Phy/WirelessPhyExt set Pt_                      0.001         
Phy/WirelessPhyExt set freq_                    5.18e+9
Phy/WirelessPhyExt set noise_floor_             2.512e-13   ;#-96 dBm for 10MHz 
Phy/WirelessPhyExt set L_                       1.0         ;#default radio 
circuit gain/loss
Phy/WirelessPhyExt set PowerMonitorThresh_      1.259e-13   ;#-99dBm power 
monitor  sensitivity
Phy/WirelessPhyExt set HeaderDuration_          0.000020    ;#20 us
Phy/WirelessPhyExt set BasicModulationScheme_   0
Phy/WirelessPhyExt set PreambleCaptureSwitch_   1
Phy/WirelessPhyExt set DataCaptureSwitch_       0
Phy/WirelessPhyExt set SINR_PreambleCapture_    2.5118;     ;# 4 dB
Phy/WirelessPhyExt set SINR_DataCapture_        100.0;      ;# 10 dB
Phy/WirelessPhyExt set trace_dist_              1e6         ;# PHY trace until 
distance of 1 Mio. km ("infinty")
Phy/WirelessPhyExt set PHY_DBG_                 0

Mac/802_11Ext set CWMin_                        15
Mac/802_11Ext set CWMax_                        1023
Mac/802_11Ext set SlotTime_                     0.000009
Mac/802_11Ext set SIFS_                         0.000016
Mac/802_11Ext set ShortRetryLimit_              7
Mac/802_11Ext set LongRetryLimit_               4
Mac/802_11Ext set HeaderDuration_               0.000020
Mac/802_11Ext set SymbolDuration_               0.000004
Mac/802_11Ext set BasicModulationScheme_        0
Mac/802_11Ext set use_802_11a_flag_             true
Mac/802_11Ext set RTSThreshold_                 2346
Mac/802_11Ext set MAC_DBG                       0

In fact, "802.11a" and "802.11b" use OFDM and the signal is spread over 20 MHz 
while 802.11 b uses DSSS modulation and the signal is spread over 22 MHz but I 
do not know how to change these parameters.

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