Dear All,
I just tried to modify the C++ code of AODV such that one node tries
to flood rreq to a destination that doesn't exist based on some
information I got on the web. let me explain what I did.

I added a class FloodTimer to aodv.h as follows.
class FloodTimer : public Handler {
FloodTimer(AODV* a): agent(a){}
void handle(Event*);
AODV *agent;
Event intr;
and added this too:
FloodTimer ftimer;

Then i made the following modification to file:
-Added ftimer(this) to the constructor of AODV class and
-defined the following function to flood RREQ.

void FloodTimer::handle(Event*) {
//node 1 will be the attacker sending request to node 100
#ifdef DEBUG
fprintf(stderr, "(%2d) - %2d FLOODING ATTACK, dst: %d\n",
++route_request, index, 100);
printf("Node 1 is flooding rreq\n");
#define FLOOD_INTERVAL 0.1
Scheduler::instance().schedule(this, &intr, FLOOD_INTERVAL);

But when I recompile ns2, and run a simulation of AODV network, there
is no effect of flooding. I tried to printf from the above function
and didn't print any output. Can any one help me how to fix this, i.e
Enabling node 1 to send RREQs to node 100(which doesn't exist in the
network) every 0.1 sec? Or is there any other way to implement rreq
flooding attack in AODV?
Thank you in advance,

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