I'm using ns-2.34 to model and test a MANET routing protocol. My 
objective is to examine the changes in throughput as network capacity is 
changed; specifically to monitor packet losses as one tries to use a 
send rate higher than the bandwidth.

However, no matter how much I keep reducing bandwidth in the code, there 
is no change in throughput. I've tried options like "Mac/802_11 set  
DataRate_", "Mac/802_11 set  BasicRate_"  and "Phy/WirelessPhy set 
bandwidth_", but to no avail. Surprisingly, even an extreme mac data 
rate like 0 seems to have no impact. I would be obliged if someone could 
point out the right parameter to be changed.

Thanks and Regards,

Dhrubojyoti Roy
PhD Student (2nd year)
Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
The Ohio State University,
2015 Neil Avenue,
Columbus, OH-43210.

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