Hello friends!

Sorry to disturb with the same question, but inevitalble.

I have ubuntu 12.04 on my system and ns2.34 (successfully installed)

And my Makefile and Makefile.in had 4.4.

My question is to install leach on ns-2.34 is it compulsory to have gcc 4.3

Since post 5 at

says ".. I suppose that ns-2.34 is installed with the compiler gcc-4.3..."
 and then the instruction to integrate leach is given.

I have followed the procedure correctly, even tried to change gcc 4.4 to
gcc 4.3 in Makefile and Makefile.in, but no use

The error i am getting is ".... invalid command name "Resource/Energy"
while executing
"Resource/Energy instproc setParams {args} {
$self instvar energyLevel_ alarmLevel_
set energyLevel_ [lindex $args 0]
set alarmLevel_ [lind..."
(file "/opt/ns-allinone-2.34/ns-2.34/mit/rca/resources/ns-energy-resou...."

in leach.err or pegasis.err,

can any one answer my query?

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